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21 Days to Raise Your Vibration


21 day journey through the chakras with Hatha yoga.

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21 days of guided work to increase your vibrational resonance. We want to attract love, abundance, success, wellness, peace etc. into our lives. The law of vibrational resonance is that we attract what we are (not want we want). If you are operating in low vibratory frequency, low, unfavourable things will be attracted to you. Raising your vibration will help you manifest your desires.

Resonance Yoga
A daily practice of passive, meditative hatha yoga postures that allow you to connect and channel energy in for chakra healing and activation of your highest energetic potential. Ha = Sun, Tha = moon, a practice of connecting with, moving and embodying the solar and lunar energies. Prenatal Modifications included. A great practice for everyone. Centering mantras included to help train your ability to stay present within.

Introspection Practice
Uncover what is blocking and limiting your energetic resonance as we explore the wounding and empowerment of Chakras 1 through 8. A simple yet deep practice of self exploration. Each day will also include an insight question or work to uncover old patterns or issues keeping your resonance from elevating. You will finish with a centering phrase, a confirmation or permission statement to take with you for the rest of the day to keep you grounded into the work.

Lifetime access
Explore through this 21 day journey at your own pace. Come back to it again and again to further your evolution. Download the yoga audio files and create your own custom practice playlist to do daily beyond the 21 days.

Time Friendly
The intro/practice will be a maximum of 15 minutes/day but options to practice longer. The time on the self inquiry work will vary but can be done throughout the day. This program is very time friendly and can be done at your own pace.


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