Bodytalk – Conscious Birth and Wellness

Your  Symptoms are communication of a Deeper story

BodyTalk Is Whole-Care Health Care.

BodyTalk addresses you as a whole- body, mind, spirit and how your environment, relationships, and emotions impact you. If we don’t fully process our experiences or emotions, they are expressed by the body as physical symptoms, illnesses, reactivity, anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other ways. Healing comes from within oneself, but sometimes we need some help to find our way. 

What is your body trying to tell you?

BodyTalk is  Consciousness Based Medicine


Every Symptom is a message

In a BodyTalk session, we bring up the information your body/mind needs to heal. Once your body/mind understands there is a problem and what it is, it is then ready to repair it.

Consciousness is like an iceberg. The stuff we are conscious of is that tiny part peaking up above the water, but the majority is underneath the surface. All the stuff we  tucked away will return via your symptoms, unhealthy behaviours or reactivity that is wants to be healed. BodyTalk pulls it up from the subconscious and unconscious levels

Imagine you have a check engine light on your car. You know there is an issue, but you’re not sure what is going on or how to fix it. BodyTalk is both the gauge that gives you the error code, but also the amazing YouTube tutorial providing all the information needed so you can fix it yourself. The more information you have, the better you are equipped to solve the problem. Access the user manual for your body & mind!

We come into this world as bright shining light that gets dimmed and repressed by all the layers of conditioning, experiences, limiting beliefs. All like layers of paint blocking you from knowing who you are at the core. BodyTalk peels these layers away leaving you feeling lighter and more connected to your truth. See my post How can we shine? To dig deeper. 

Yes/No Biofeedback

Your Body Talks

I use yes/no biofeedback responses along with structured intuition to ask questions at the subconscious level. We then relay information from one area to another. Creating communication within.

All your different parts have to know what they need to do to contribute to the whole being functioning well. Your brain is like the CEO and your body its departments and employees. BodyTalk taps into the subconscious level to work with the parts that are not functioning optimally to create better teamwork within. Like the boss calling in an employee to remind them of their job description when they haven’t been fulfilling their duties. 

Having our body communicate internally through the vessels, nerves etc is like old dial up internet. The message gets there, maybe, but is slow. In BodyTalk we initiate communication through the energy systems, which is high speed and instantaneous. It helps the body-mind to heal much, much faster than it could on its own. 

We ask a series of yes/no questions to your subconscious based off the BodyTalk protocol chart. This allows your body/mind to clearly communicate and bring up the information needed to better heal itself. We do this with a muscle test either holding your hand in person or asking on myself for online or remote sessions. 

Top Down Approach

We are more than physical

BodyTalk can help facilitate healing at all 5 levels. When you heal at the higher levels, healing also occurs at the levels below.

When we heal at the physical level with medications, manual therapies, surgeries etc. it is only addressing the physical. Often, without addressing the root cause. We may appear solid but broken down to quantum level we are 99.999999999999% energy, We are just consciousness. If you think of your electrons like a grain of salt, each separated by a football field of empty space- that is how solid you actually are! For true healing, an energetic approach is necessary, or you will likely see the issue again. 

Addressing the meridians, chakras and other energy systems can profoundly impact physical health. This level responds to our emotions. When we recognize that Energy does not emanate or reflect from us; that we ARE energy, we have the power to maintain our energy field and to keep our bodies in harmony. Since the body is a manifestation of human energy, dis-harmony in the energy field will cause dis-ease in the body. Acupuncture, homeopathy EFT tapping therapy, chakra healing, reiki, and other modalities have proven effects on physical health. BodyTalk is energy medicine. 

The Mental body gives meaning to the energy and physical bodies. It creates the interpretation of all experiences. The brain takes the information and acts upon it, creating a response via the nervous system. Creating biological responses and creating the emotions that go with it. The mental body is where we hold our belief systems that affect energy and physical bodies. It is how we decide if we will let it go or hold onto an experience as an intrinsic or active memory or not. The triggers or buttons people push on us are all based on the meaning we attribute to a situation. Are we stuck in reactivity, or do we have response-ablility? Our mental constructs about how we see ourselves, our babies and the world impact the energy and physical bodies. BodyTalk addresses your belief systems and ‘active memories’ that keep you reactive and in ‘dis’ ease.

The Supramental or Wisdom Body is the higher intuitive self where context is evaluated, where we see the bigger picture. Where we can understand the interconnectedness and synchronicity within our lives. Context and seeing the big picture is important, for balanced functioning physically, emotionally and spiritually. The supramental is the level of inner processing of feelings at a deep paradigm shifting level with re-evaluation and awakening. This is the level where real transformation and healing occurs. When we operate at a level of knowing and being, everything shifts with it. When you become a mother or lose a child, the whole way you experience and see the world changes, it is a major paradigm shift. You see the world in a way someone without children could never understand. Working at Supramental level, we are working at the Level of manifestation. When there is the A-HA moment of a paradigm shift, true healing can occur. BodyTalk can work on all 4 of these levels. When I am seeing and working with the big picture, the supramental intellect of the bodymind can be influenced. When we become aware of the origin of conflicts that are going on in the person, whether physical, mental, emotional or environmental, balance and healing are possible. 

The final body, the bliss body is the enlightened state in which nothing needs to be done or understood, healing is spontaneous. Where miracles happen. Which comes with a state of oneness and acceptance with life. BodyTalk can help you to get out of your own way, so you can allow the healing and awakening you need.

Experience IT

BodyTalk is different

You have to experience a BodyTalk session to understand it. Your body and subconscious will tell its story without you having to say anything. It can be quite astonishing.

It is like playing 20 questions with your subconscious. We get one, two word answers and try to interpret what it is trying to say. Most times a session will reveal a larger story, that can help things shift at the wisdom body level.  But sometimes it is beyond interpretation or makes no conscious sense but your body-mind knows. It is often these sessions that make the biggest impact. 

As it can seem like us BodyTalkers are psychic at times, and we can pull up information  you may have never told anyone. BodyTalk will only bring up what you are ready to face and heal. It is your willingness to heal that is most important. For some the first BodyTalk sessions often address your resistance to opening up, but others are ready to dive deep. BodyTalk is amazing in that you can release your baggage without having to talk about it or re-live it- like in conventional therapy. 

BodyTalk is based on priority. Whatever is most urgent and most necessary will show up first to be address. We have layers of stuff and while you may want to address a certain thing, sometimes there are layers above it that have to happen first.  Some issues are simple, and one session is all it takes and others have complex root systems that take time to excavate. 


BodyTalk is a comprehensive holistic health care system based on proven principles of energy medicine. It helps your innate ability to heal and balance by bringing improved communication within body, mind and spirit. Based on foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bioenergetic Psychology and Psychosomatic medicine. Creating an understanding of the relationships of physical wellbeing and psychological wellbeing and the role of one’s experiences/emotions. 

Distance sessions are just as effective as in person, but there is still something special about hands on care. Typically you will lie on the treatment table, fully clothed and we will hold your hand to ask the yes/no biofeedback questions. Once the information needed is acquired we gently tap on the head, heart and gut brain to integrate the information.  You typically feel very relaxed, sometimes fall asleep and feel lighter as the layers of old ‘stuff’ you’ve been carrying is stripped away. 

A session over the phone or video chat is much like an in person session. Able to connect with you and relay the information in real time. If you are able to receive the session with presence you may experience feeling the energetic releases.  

A distance or remote session is one where the practitioner does the session without your direct involvement. This is the favourite way to treat young children as you don’t need to disrupt their day and I don’t get distracted by their cuteness and can focus on connecting with the needed information. I simply ask the yes/no questions on myself and outline the needed information and email you an audio file to listen to at your convenience. This is also great when time, or time zones don’t allow for direct contact sessions. 

 Every time a group of people is formed, a resulting energy body is formed as well. This energetic body represents the sum-total of all interactions between various people in the group. The health of this energetic body is strongly influenced by the dynamics and various interactions within the group. This includes personal relationships and shared responsibilities, but also outside influences (such as pandemics, climatic changes, movements on the financial market, other people’s energies, historical influence, etc.). It is fairly intuitive to understand that the relationships between various members in a group will impact on the health of the group matrix. What most people don’t realize, however, is that the health of the group matrix, i.e. the energetic body representing the group, can influence the dynamics and the relationships within the group! Think of it this way: imagine mom and dad and their two teenage kids living in a house. The health and the strength of the house will depend on the individuals in it and what that the family does as a group (which in turn will reflect the relationships between the group members). But overtime, the health of the house itself can strongly influence back the health of the relationships within the family! If mould starts to grow in the house, it has the potential to trigger allergic reactions and even change the brain chemistry of some of the family members. As a result, they will become irritable at least, which will consequently change the family dynamics. With BodyTalk, we can give personal sessions to the affected members of the family but that would be treating the symptom, not the cause! The more effective way to approach the situation is to heal the house itself (i.e. remove the cause by clearing to mould). This then will heal the symptoms in the family members and the family dynamics will become healthier as a result. You may have already guessed that the house in the example above is only a metaphor. The house is really the energetic body representing the dynamics within a group. This group can be a family with or without children, a business organization, a sports team or any other group of people connected in a certain way. Sometimes the most effective way to improve the dynamics within a group is by going to the root of the problem and healing the “house”, i.e. the energetic body of the group as a whole. 

Direct contact Sessions are scheduled from 30 -90 minutes in length. Children sessions are 30 minutes, regular adult or family sessions for 60 minutes and pre/postnatal for 90 minutes to give time to treat both members of the dyad.  Actual time of the sessions will vary based on the priority of the session. As we give your body/mind the information it needs to self heal, sometimes less is more. Like opening up a computer program, most sessions are like opening up multiple tabs of information and can do so without overloading the system. If you run a large program, like cellular repair, that takes lots of processing, it may not want to open up more info on top if it. Each session will give you exactly what is needed. 

In BodyTalk we ask your body/mind what is the priority to address. This may seem counterintuitive to what you want to work on. It may say the agenda is your back pain but then we spend the whole session digging through issues in your relationship but never directly address the back. Yet- the back pain is resolved. That is because back pain typically communicates issues in support and stability. Which is often mirrored in our relationship to others or money.  We also have many layers to us. Sometimes there is layers above your chosen issue that needs to be addressed first. 

Some issues are 100% resolved with one session. Others take time. Issues are like weeds, some have a simple little root that are easy to pluck out. Others have complex roots or widespread runners. It can take time to get it all resolved. Each session you will feel better and have more insight into what is going on within you.

YES. BodyTalk is completely safe and works very well with western medicine practices and other approaches. Side effects are very rare from sessions. For example, if a dormant virus or pathogen is brought to awareness the body may respond with a brief fever to battle it. 

Individual session pricing can be found on the online booking system. There are special preconception/fertlity packages, prenatal packages,  12 session packages as well as other prepaid session packs that can reduce the cost per session. Combo distance sessions with multiple family members being treated at the same time take less time and are also at a reduced rate. 

 Currently most plans do not have a category to cover BodyTalk or other energy medicine modalities. Additional Health spending accounts do often work. The fertility package has been covered on a few occasions. You will have to check with your individual plan. You can also claim medical expenses not covered by any plans on your income tax.

Consciousness is  All that is needed to heal

First steps in fixing a problem is A- recognize there is in fact one and B- What the problem is.  In my early days as a practitioner I used my BodyTalk yes/no questioning as I filled out the intake form for a naturopathic appointment, and it told me mark yes for depression. I thought that was odd. But that awareness opened up the door to heal my 1st basket conception story and changed my life. Upon bringing up the fetal life event of  not being wanted and allowing it to be released. Instantly it was like a fog lifted, a new brightness to life. I hadn’t even known I was in mild-moderate depression until I was out of it. Until I saw life without it clouding me. Often we just live oblivious to what is there but eventually it will show up and create opportunities for you to see and heal it. Living presently, living mindfully and understanding that your symptoms, that stubbed toe, your triggers, are all clues to  helping you heal and transcend. Every symptom tells a deeper story.