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What is Prenatal Care?

It is *Feeling* cared for! At all stages of life but especially during pregnancy we require supportive care. The evidence is clear, reducing stress improves

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Mother or Martyr?

Exploring the fine line between selfless dedication and self-neglect. It highlights the importance of recognizing signs of “mom martyrdom” and offers empowering strategies to prioritize self-care, set boundaries, and shift mindset, ultimately aiming to create a world where mothers thrive, not just survive.

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Empowering Pregnancy and Birth: A New Paradigm

Certainly! Here’s an excerpt for your article that encapsulates the empowering perspective on pregnancy and birth:

Embracing the Journey: A New Narrative for Pregnancy and Birth

In a world where tales of pain and fear overshadow the narrative of birth, there exists a path less traveled—a path that celebrates pregnancy and birth as empowering, transformative experiences. As a BodyTalk Practitioner, I stand at the crossroads of this paradigm shift, inviting you to explore the profound potential of your body and spirit.

Pregnancy is not merely a physical process; it is a journey of the soul. Each kick, each flutter, is a whisper of life’s deep mysteries. Birth, then, is not an ordeal to endure but a rite of passage to embrace. It is a moment where the veil between worlds thins, and the power of creation pulses through every fiber of your being.

Here, within the sacred space of trust and intuition, we challenge the cultural myths that have long confined us. We unravel the narrative of pain and replace it with joy, strength, and innate wisdom. This is not a denial of the challenges that may arise but an affirmation of our capacity to trust our innate ability.

Through the holistic practices of BodyTalk, we prepare not just the body, but the heart and mind for the dance of birth. We learn to listen—to the subtle cues of our bodies, to the silent language of our babies. We discover that within us lies an ocean of calm, a sanctuary where stress and fear dissolve into serenity.

As your guide, I am here to support you in every step, every breath, every surge of life. Whether your path leads to a quiet home birth or the bustling corridors of a hospital, you are the author of your story. And when the moment arrives, when you stand at the threshold of birth, know that you are surrounded by a circle of strength—your own, your baby’s, and mine.

Together, we are rewriting the story of birth—one of empowerment, one of healing, one of unbridled joy. Join me on this journey, and let us discover the beauty that awaits when we get out of our own way.

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The Stories of the Cervix

January is Cervical health month. Let’s look at one of the most magical parts of a woman’s body – The Cervix. The cervix is a crucial anatomical structure

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Cervical checks?

Know your rights and advocate for client centred care. Don’t want a dilation check.. Here’s how to say no.

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Epilepsy can be cured!

Since 2017 I have worked to treat children with epilepsy and others with neurological ticks with 100% success rate. Seizures, both grand mal and petit

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