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The Stories of the Cervix

January is Cervical health month. Let’s look at one of the most magical parts of a woman’s body – The Cervix. The cervix is a crucial anatomical structure

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Cervical checks?

Know your rights and advocate for client centred care. Don’t want a dilation check.. Here’s how to say no.

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Epilepsy can be cured!

Since 2017 I have worked to treat children with epilepsy and others with neurological ticks with 100% success rate. Seizures, both grand mal and petit

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Healing childhood Asthma

Childhood Asthma is on the rise. Since the 1930s there has been a hypothesis that it was caused by a disconnection between mother and child.

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What are the Four Baskets?

 “The Four Baskets refers to the time frames of conception, gestation, birth, and the first hours after birth- these time frames are the primary foundation

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How can we Shine?

Your body talks, it tries to communicate with you in so many ways. Intuition, felt sense, the gut feelings are the subtle first ways it

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