Conscious Post Partum

Support & Healing for the
The journey after birth

Transitioning to your life after birth is a unique experience for each individual.  For most, it is a new life with a new baby (or 2+), full of new adventures and challenges, joy and sadness, highs and lows.  For others, it could be a time of struggle with a baby in the NICU or adapting to special needs or challenges. Adapting to managing older tots along with a newborn.

 For some, it is a journey of grief and loss. Navigating life without the child you grew in your belly. For all it is a new stage of life to adapt to. It is something you don’t have to do alone. Whatever your needs, support & healing is here for you. 

" Parenthood always comes as a shock. Postpartum Blues? Postpartum Panic is more like it. We set out to have a baby and what we get is a total takeover of our lives."
Polly BerRien Berends

Helping you heal: Physically, Mentally & Emotionally.

Postpartum is the period of recovery from the physiological and psychological stressors of pregnancy, birth while transitioning and adapting to parenthood.  Childbirth and parenting is a major transition physically, emotionally, mentally and of course just the practical management of day to day life.  We spend a lot of time preparing for birth. How much time did you prepare for postpartum?

Birth Recovery

Moving from pregnant to postpartum is a big shock to the body. I offer recovery sessions within 48 hours of birth to help the healing process. When the placenta separates, it leaves a big gaping wound that if you could see it, you would want to slow down and rest. But being internal, we don’t see it. Our culture pushes us to be up and doing right away. Post partum planning to give you the time to rest and bond with baby is a big part of my services. 

Baby Blues & Depression

Hormones are out of balance, not feeling supported or seen. There are so many factors that can lead to depression. BodyTalk sessions can help to uncover what is going on, so changes can be made. Balancing things physically, emotionally and energetically. 

Education & Support

As an Infant sleep educator I can help you troubleshoot if your babies patterns are atypical or not and how to navigate them. My training in conscious and attachment parenting can help you trust your instincts and parent with responsiveness -that is proven to help grow healthy brains. 

Breastfeeding support

While I am not a formally trained lactation professional I have taken a few trainings and have about 6 years of cumulative breastfeeding experience myself. BodyTalk can help the journey and I have a number of great practitioners to refer to. 

Pregnancy Loss

The last thing we want to think about is losing the baby but I believe each soul has its own journey and  for some that journey is far too short for our liking. BodyTalk can help the process and I have training from the Institute in Birth Breath and Death in companioning for pregnancy loss. No matter where your journey leads, support is here. 

Post Partum Anxiety

We do our best to resolve anxiety prior to birth but it can still show up postpartum. FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real- is often a loop between the mind’s worry and the biological response feeding back into the fear. There is an origin story to it. We can get to the root and resolve it. 

Post adoption

If you have chosen to give the baby up for adoption you did for a great reason. I have worked with women who just knew this baby was meant for someone to raise. But it doesn’t make it easy. There is grief, guilt, often shame to be processed. Support is here to help you through. 

Post Surrogacy

Helping you let go and heal after it all is big journey. The surrogates I’ve worked with said it was a journey more than they bargained for, and letting go can be hard. I can help support both the physical and emotional recovery.