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A Conscious Connected Pregnancy

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Growing a tiny human is hard work. It comes with so many physical and emotional changes that can be very hard to navigate on your own. Conscious pregnancy work helps you to connect with your deeper levels of self and support (your) baby while in the womb. 

I support all through this life-changing journey, no matter your story. Planned, surprise, a surrogate, or carrying a baby for adoption, Support is here for you and the baby within you.


pregnancy should be enjoyable & empowering, NOT Painful. Pain is communication.

Consciousness Based Approach

I work with you as a whole dyad- body, mind, spirit and how your environment, relationships, and emotions impact you and baby. If we don’t fully process our experiences or emotions, they are expressed by the body as physical symptoms, illnesses, reactivity, anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other ways. Stress can impact the physical, mental and emotional development of the child. Healing comes from within oneself, but sometimes we need some help to find our way. 

Stress reduction and emotional processing is crucial for the health & wellbeing of both you and baby. 

BodyTalk can provide this support. 

Connect within, Connect with Baby

Bond with Baby

100% of my prenatal clients report having a deeper connection and understanding of (their) baby. Learn new ways to connect, communicate and support baby. Bonding for partners, intended parents -even if physically far away- and support for surrogate/adoptive carriers to support baby and themselves despite the natural instinct to self-protect and withdraw from baby and the forthcoming separation.   Prenatal bonding has been shown to reduce maternal depression & improve attachment.  Increase the neural connections in the developing infant brain! 

Resolve Pregnancy Symptoms

Body Consciousness is the understanding that your psycho-emotional experiences will be reflected by the physical body. Each part tells a unique story and deeper communication allowing us to get to the root of the issue and resolve it. Not just treat the symptoms. My book the Pregnancy Symptoms Translator will be available in early 2023.

At the completion of a prenatal session, a client informed me she was suffering debilitating wrist pain. I reviewed her session notes to discover all the concepts that carpal tunnel was known to communicate, were in fact what we had just addressed throughout the session. Her carpal tunnel resolved without addressing her wrists directly. 

Carpal Tunnel Consciousness This painful wrist condition could be a signal that you’re operating out of a learned helplessness state and feeling powerless. Anger and frustration at life’s injustices. Feeling deprivation and degradation or a fear of what you want will be taken away from you. Afraid to manifest your own power. The idea that you can’t handle being hands-on. Wanting to be numb, holding on to grief and sadness from the past. Trying to hold onto control. It could signal you’re doing what you don’t want to do, blocking the flow of energy in your life. That you’re struggling, too much strain and difficulty, feeling like you can’t handle it. Holding self back out of shame or judgment. Taking a slap on the wrist- feeling you deserve pain or punishment. Having something going on in life you would rather not deal with. Avoidance.

Morning sickness is a reflection of an excess of emotions in the body.  Processing the feelings occurring can dramatically resolve the nausea. I can help. 

Morning Sickness/Nausea– relates to struggling to digest the idea of being pregnant. Feeling overwhelm, too much to handle. Inability to cope with stress, pushing down & avoiding problems that need releasing, feeling you can’t handle the situation. Having second thoughts about the magnitude of parenthood, overwhelm, reactivation of own lack of nurturing in childhood. Difficulty dealing with the physical changes in your body, fear/anxiety of not being a good mother, unresolved issues with relationship with partner. Vomiting- carrying more stress, worry or fear than your body can handle. A message to stop poisoning yourself with doubt & negativity. Being overloaded with overwhelm and emotions. Reactivating childhood experiences of having to parent their family and never having had real nurturing

Empowerment & Trust

The conscious pregnancy approach is one of empowerment. Helping you to release the limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back from embracing your full potential in all aspects of your life. Prenatal work tends to focus on preparing for and trusting birth, navigating the shift from ‘me to we’ and the loss of self, career, new demands on relationship and reconnecting with your inner truth. All while helping you prepare to be the best parent possible (or the journey after baby leaves your body).  Sessions will address whatever will support you the most. 

preexisting issues

We all have baggage and old traumas. Postpartum anxiety, depression has been known to rear its ugly head in the postpartum period with extra force if you have preexisting challenges with it.  Childhood maltreatment can impact your confidence to parent consciously, physical/sexual trauma can be re-triggered with birth and needs to be addressed.  Even your own experience of being birthed into the world likes to replayed to help it heal. BodyTalk can help work through all these issues prior to birth & postpartum. 


Break the pattern

We can decide to stop the transmission of Intergenerational trauma.  Any childhood mistreatment you suffered will be unconsciously mirrored in your own parenting, you will withhold what was withheld from you. Address your own insecure attachment patterns, reactivity or emotional disconnection, so you can truly connect and be the parent you long to be. All it takes is consciousness. Once you are aware of the darkness you can bring in the light. 

Enhance & Support Fetal Development

We can help to optimize fetal development with BodyTalk. We can help reduced the effects of stress, as well as facilitate better communication and healing within for baby. Prevention and healing of physical issues. I’ve worked with womb-babies with diagnosed health issues to give better outcomes. See Ivy’s Story. As well as allowing baby to share their story, fears and anxieties. BodyTalk babies are just exceptionally healthy or if there is a health challenge we can be made aware of it and why it is a part of his/her’s soul’s journey. 

A Great Life Begins with a Conscious Pregnancy

BodyTalk is something you just need to experience to understand. Come try a session, and when you’re ready we can customize a prenatal package that fits you best. 

Prenatal BodyTalk therapy and preparing for a conscious birth and post partum period is the best gift you can give your child. 

Colleen Wainwright
Colleen WainwrightPrenatal Distance Client
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I went into my 5th full term pregnancy in a very busy stressful time. I was homeschooling, just started a new business, homesteading- all while single parenting 75% of the time! Regular BodyTalk sessions were a must to help me manage the stress and anxiety. And I loved that BodyTalk communicated and addressed any issues that baby had too. I choose more a wild pregnancy with this one.. no doctors, no medical intervention at all (No tests, ultrasounds ect) so with BodyTalk I had full confidence that baby was happy and healthy. I had an undisturbed birth to a 9.5 pound very healthy happy boy. He is the happiest most content baby. Now at 7 months old he's trying to walk already! Thank you BodyTalk and Joanne for helping us. Give prenatal BodyTalk a try. You will love it!