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Support and healing is here for you. From still considering children and trying to conceive through pregnancy, birth and parenting. Conscious pregnancy, birth and parenting comes simply from the decision to become conscious of one’s own wounds and patterns, so they aren’t carried forward into your life and mirrored to your children. We know stress in pregnancy affects their growth and development. We all have stress and circumstances out of our control, but this conscious approach helps to mitigate its effects. A conscious approach is even more important to support babies experiencing separation and stress through experiences such as physical separation after birth and early infancy, emotional separation from intended parents with surrogacy or adoption. Emotional separation when in the womb due to parents grieving, being stressed, fearful or otherwise unable to tune in and bond, correlates to physical ailments in your child, particularly asthma, reflux, colic, anxiety and more. Which can all be healed through this conscious healing work. Even decades and generations later, we can heal and stop the transmission of pain, patterns and behaviours that you no longer want in your life. 

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