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21 day journey through the chakras using Hatha Yoga and introspection activities to clear your blocks and raise your vibration in just 15 minutes a day. The class includes in depth handouts on the chakras and downloadable audio files to create your own custom yoga practice. Yoga practice includes prenatal modifications and is suitable for all levels.
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New Class Coming in Early 2024

Prenatal Connections

****** This new 10 week Class will be offered in early 2024 ***** This prenatal class is about conscious connection to prepare you for a conscious birth- one that is connected and empowering - regardless if it's a home-birth, a c-section or anything in between.  We learn ways to optimize fetal development through fetal bonding, communication and parental stress reduction. Building deeper connection to your baby and your own body, breath, intuition, the birthing wisdom and communication from your body. We use BodyTalk to releasing the fears and limiting beliefs that can disrupt your ability to relax and trust birth.  Birth can be transformational and even *orgasmic * when you are consciously connected with baby and yourself. Birthing requires one to move into higher states of consciousness and that is easier with practice. We prepare for birth through movement, Introspection, deep conversation, guided visualization and group BodyTalk therapy.  All while creating connection and support with your classmates.  All based on Pre & Peri natal psychology, the new emerging science of fetal consciousness and how our experiences in the womb, birth and early infancy shape our sense of self as well as one's physical & emotional health