Classes – Conscious Birth and Wellness


8 – week Birth Preparation Journey

Prenatal Connections

Prenatal Connections is not just a class; it’s an 8- Week transformative exploration designed to help you connect within, connect with your baby, and connect with others.

Prepare for a conscious birth- one that is connected and empowering – regardless if it’s a home-birth, a c-section or anything in between. 


  • Research shows that Fetal Positioning determines the success of a spontaneous vaginal delivery.  (76.2% with Occiput Anterior position compared to only 17.4% if Posterior!)
  • This program focuses on techniques to help you balance your body, encourage optimal fetal positioning, and pave the way for an effective birth.
  • All while keeping your body happy throughout pregnancy
  • Benefit from Joanne’s decades of experience in exercise science, prenatal yoga and intuitive ability to know exactly what your body needs to correct. 


  • Birth is said to be 80% mental and only 20% physical.
  • Your mindset and emotional readiness are paramount to a satisfying experience. 
  • Clear fear, anxiety and limiting  beliefs.  You’ll be better equipped to embrace the birthing process.
  •  Deepen your connection to your intuition and improve your emotional intelligence by learning to connect within. 
  • Learn how to navigate the medical system to get the birth YOU WANT.
  • Connect within to trust yourself, your baby and your ability to birth (even if interventions are needed) 


  • Prenatal bonding allows you to deeply connect with and support your baby
  • Birth success is determined by baby. They decide when labour happens and how it will progress by their positioning. When we learn to connect with and communicate with baby we can help make birth faster, easier and more enjoyable for both of you. 
  • Through this support my “BodyTalk babies” are never overdue and never have colic.
  • Learn to connect with your baby in a whole new way. 

April 26- June 21, 2024

Friday Evenings 6-7Pm CST. No Class May 17th. Join us in person @ The Village YXE (324 Packham Avenue Saskatoon) or Virtually. 8 week session for $210

Bond With Baby

Parenting begins before birth. Learn prenatal bonding practices and how to connect with and support your baby right from the womb. 

Optimize Fetal Development

Stress is the #1 factor affecting fetal development. This class will teach you tools to support yourself and baby to negate any stress your facing. 

Orgasmic Birth

That’s right, Birth can be orgasmic!  I had an orgasmic birth and with the right preparation and mindset you could too.  We will explore higher states of consciousness, that make the birthing experience more pleasurable. 

Feel Deeply Supported

Develop connections within yourself and with your classmates. This class offers practices that will leave your feeling deeply seen, supported and loved. 

Connect deeply within yourself. 

Everything you need is already there. 

Free Prenatal Masterclasses

In just 1.5 hours you will discover how you CAN have a Joyful, Pain-Free Pregnancy & Rewarding Birth.
Do you feel that being pregnant and giving birth needs to be hard and painful?

You hear everyone talk about how their bodies hurt, and the complications they are having, and it looks like suffering is part of the parenting package you signed up for.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right tools, education and support, your pregnancy CAN be a joyful and easy experience…. Birth can even be orgasmic if you let it be…. seriously!

Held online Wednesday Evenings at 6pm CST / 8PM EST

eats are limited, so get registered now!
Heal & Prevent Gestational Diabetes
This free webinar will introduce you to a different approach to getting to the root cause of the GD and options for resolving it and any other concerns you are facing FOR GOOD. In this 90-minute class, we will dig into what GD is and how it is communication from your body of a bigger, deeper issue. We will look at what its common root causes are, and you will experience a BodyTalk therapy session to get the healing process started. You will learn other great self-care tools to keep your pregnancy going smoothly. Join us May 15 or June 5th, 2024
Vaginal Birth After Caesarian
Are preparing for or considering a Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC)? Do you find yourself questioning if you can really do it this time? Filled with worry, fear and anxiety about your upcoming birth? You may have found your previous birth traumatic or disempowering, and you're not sure how to find your confidence and trust in yourself and birth. This free class will help you to release the old stories, the new stories and limiting beliefs that could get in the way of you having the natural birth you now desire. We look closely at where baby should be positioned and how to correct malpositioning. You will EXPERIENCE BodyTalk therapy and its power to help you heal from your past pregnancy and prepare for this new birth and baby. Join us on May 8 or June 12
Sleep Well While Pregnant
Calf cramps, sore hips and getting up to pee ALL NIGHT LONG? Or is your brain racing? Filled with worry & Anxiety? Whatever the root cause of your sleeplessness is, there are tools, techniques and tips to help you overcome them. In this 90-minute free class, we look at how any pain or discomfort can be communication of something deeper. We look at proven ways to optimize your sleep and get set up with good habits to make it easier to get quality sleep once baby arrives. Joanne Fisher, is also a Certified Infant Sleep Educator, and will discuss the transition into parenthood, setting realistic expectations and what that means for your sleep. You will experience a mini BodyTalk Therapy session and receive some great self-care tools. This is a workshop you won't want to miss. Join us on April 24 or May 29

Other Classes

Prepare for birth and your new life with baby. Or just start your day with an amazing yoga practice. 
eats are limited, so get registered now!
Birth Preparation Education
Private and Group Classes Available. A 2- part series. Class one we dig into the ins and outs of physiological birth, fetal positioning and all the choices you need to make for your birth plan. Part Two we learn hands on advocacy skills, acupressure, counterpressure and everything you need to thrive through birth and into postpartum. *Included in the Complete Prenatal Package. Contact Joanne for details.
Infant Sleep Education
This class is designed to set up healthy expectations and habits surrounding infant sleep BEFORE the baby is here. Using evidence based research, we have created a prenatal class that sets parents up for the best start possible. Not only do we get parents on the same page as far as infant sleep knowledge, but you will also learn about schedules, calming techniques and ‘normal’ sleep patterns for a baby. We want to set the stage for good sleep habits so that your baby can grow up knowing that bedtime is a safe and peaceful time. *Included in the Complete prenatal and Postpartum packages.
21 Days to Raise Your Vibration
21 day journey through the chakras using Hatha Yoga and introspection activities to clear your blocks and raise your vibration in just 15 minutes a day. The class includes in depth handouts on the chakras and downloadable audio files to create your own custom yoga practice. Yoga practice includes prenatal modifications and is suitable for all levels. Only $21. Lifetime access.