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Conscious Preconception

is a journey like no other.
A journey of connection and healing.

Whether you’re just thinking about having a baby,  have been trying to conceive for years, or have had trouble carrying a pregnancy to term, Support and healing is here for you. We know that ‘first basket’ of conception, sets the stage for one’s lifelong sense of self. Was I wanted? You are here because you long for a child. You want to heal and optimize your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing so that you can conceive and birth this new little being and give them the best start to this new life possible.  

My mission is to give babies the best life possible and it begins with their conception

Embark on a Conscious Conception?...

A conscious conception is one that is mindful. One where you have chosen to optimize your own wellbeing- physically, mentally, emotionally – in order to create the best start for your baby. One where you have chosen to become conscious of your own ‘stuff’ (traumas, triggers, stress, behaviours, limiting beliefs, fears etc) and take action to heal it, so it is not passed down or brought into your new child’s life. A journey of deeper connection within oneself,  partner (if applicable) and the baby you are meant to have. 

Love YourSelf more

This work will facilitate a more conscious relationship to your own body, mind and soul’s needs. Help you to be more intuitive, less reactive, more centred and joyful. When you’re in love with yourself, it is easy to give love and receive love. All your child wants is your unconditional love and that is only possible when you love yourself first. 

Deepen your Relationship

Embarking on this journey is even more powerful when done with your partner. Cultivation of a conscious relationship, higher level of intimacy and personal responsibility prepares you to give your baby their best possible life.  Having a child puts even more stress on a relationship. Make sure it has a strong foundation. 

Safe, Easy & Effective

Receiving BodyTalk is easy and non-invasive. If you don’t like to open up and talk about your feelings, your experiences, you don’t have to. BodyTalk tells me exactly what needs to be addressed without you needing to. You can just experience it and feel your body respond to the information and release the layers it’s been holding. 

A Wholistic approach to infertility

Connecting with your soul's journey to call in your spirit baby But it may not look the way you think

The one thing I have discovered over the years working with clients struggling to conceive is that their journey is there for a reason. The struggle is communication of something deeper.

 Sometimes it’s simple.  Basic stress with work or in the relationship that is asking to be resolved. Often there are deeper fears or limiting beliefs that you may not be a good parent or won’t be able to keep a child safe in this harsh world. Resistance to letting your career or your body go. Unresolved trauma and emotional pain could be experienced as physical symptoms that impair the cycle.  Or your own, generational, or past life trauma surrounding pregnancy and birth.  You have a unique story. I can help you uncover and resolve it. 


In some way your body-mind has created a distorted perception that it is helping you keeping you safe better to never get pregnant better to never be a parent by halting conception or having recurring miscarriages.

The Disney movie “Soul”  where after hundreds of years soul # 22 is still holding off going earthside,  until the right guide comes along. It embodies how I help these little souls find their way. 

Another issue blocking conception can be that your little soul has their own limiting beliefs, fears or traumas that are impeding their way to you.  If there is a soul looking to enter your life I can connect with them, help you to connect with them, and together we can help them enter your life.  


Sometimes the little soul you are meant to have needs to come to you in a different way.  That is their soul’s journey. I’ve worked with IVF conceived and adopted children that just knew that was the way it was meant for them.  One IVF conceived child I worked with brought up the information that his soul held major trauma from many horrible lives and the only way to convince them to return earthside was to be so wanted and worked for.  IVF convinced him of his worth. They went on to naturally conceive their additional children. Showing the infertility was just that’s soul journey. Nothing physically wrong with either parent. I do wonder if I had worked with them prior to IVF if I could have helped them connect with that little soul and share their love and desire for him, if he could have been conceived naturally.  We will never know. Each soul has their own journey, but no matter what the journey looks like I can help you navigate it.  If there is a little soul ready to join your life I can help you connect and communicate with them. 

BodyTalk can help you heal the physical issues, address the emotions, trauma and stress and create the communication needed for a successful conception, healthy pregnancy and a conscious birth.  To get to the root cause of the issue – vs forcing pregnancy with artificial reproductive technology (ART)-  at a fraction of the cost. 

Disclaimer — In rare cases, some will discover they have been trying to live someone else’s idea of what life should be and at a soul level that they don’t actually want a child. If that’s the case this work can help you grieve that perceived loss and help you discover the child-free life of your dreams.   Therefore, I will never guarantee you will get pregnant on this program, but I will promise that this work will be worth your time no matter the end outcome. This work will elevate and support whatever direction it takes. 

Supporting ART- I have worked with a number of couples through successful IVF transfers. Ideally I’d recommend working with me for 6 months prior to fertility treatment as we can often remove the blocks to conceiving naturally. One client began working with me to support the ART process only a month or two before, IVF failed, but she conceived naturally the next month!  Another was going in for her 5th try at IVF when she sought my support. With the preparation sessions and my doing remote sessions for her at the time of egg retrieval and embryo transfer, she was successful with healthy triplets!!


BodyTalk is something you just have to experience to understand.

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The Preconception Package

Optimize your health, relationship and prepare to call your spirit baby into your life

A 6-month journey with your partner to release your stress, old baggage, fears and limiting beliefs. Help heal your body and prepare it to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. Optimize your relationship and set the foundation for a conscious connection with your new child.

Monthly BodyTalk Session for You

6 monthly BodyTalk session for the person preparing to carry the pregnancy

Monthly BodyTalk Session for Partner

6 monthly BodyTalk sessions for your partner.
*Partnerless option available

Monthly Family BodyTalk Session

6 extra distance sessions to address the dynamics of the relationship of both

Personalized Self-Care Program

Get the Perfect self care program to optimize your fertility and prepare for pregnancy. Includes initial program and modifications throughout.