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How can we Shine?

Your body talks, it tries to communicate with you in so many ways. Intuition, felt sense, the gut feelings are the subtle first ways it takes. But we are too busy to listen, we are too distracted. Worst of all we are taught to ignore our senses and to push on, not be present. To not feel, or at least not express those emotions.

We have a world that bombards us with stimuli 24-7, and we are in chronic fight-flight mode. Our bodies have adapted by staying in overdrive resulting in anxiety, adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disorders and overall poor health to name a few. Or it all becomes so overwhelming we just shut down and become depressed. We become afraid to listen to our hopes and dreams because underlying them is all the limiting beliefs that I’m not good enough, that I don’t have what it takes or if you found that success that it would be harmful to you in some way.

So we stay stuck right where we are because it’s comfortable, because it’s safe. These set points or paradigms are hard to break, but we can break through them. We are molded by our experiences. Layer by layer our experiences in the world creates belief systems about ourselves and how we fit in, our value. These belief systems limit us and hold us back. We get caught up in the details and the small mundane struggles of everyday life we forget to look forward to our bigger purpose.

Each and every one of us is here for a reason.

We have a purpose to help the universe evolve into an enlightened state, to heal the split mind that we are separate, that we are feeble flawed creatures and not gods ourselves.
We are like a light bulb, we are the source, we are the light but we are covered in millions of layers of paint that we can no longer shine. These layers of paint are our belief systems. To become enlightened is to be free of these limitations and to not be afraid to shine.

So how can we shine?

We need to peel away all the beliefs that are holding you back. To do that we need to get to the core event that caused you to need that belief. These beliefs are there because your subconscious mind thinks it’s there to protect you.
Oooh you were teased for speaking your mind in grade 1, they laughed at your ideas.. Now we must never speak our mind again, it’s not safe. Limiting belief now in place to protect you from ever going through that ridicule again.
But going through life afraid to express your needs, desires and ideas is not healthy. It leads to anger, then resentment, and that resentment surfaces as a physical symptom screaming at you that you need to listen and work to address the issue.
Communication issues often lead to nerve pain or thyroid issues or other issues with the neck or jaw. We can try to fix the physical issue, but until we get through the layers to the core event of the issue it will continue to come back. Communicating that you need to change, that you need to evolve out of that paradigm.

That you need to address it at the subconscious level.

I received a couple hypnotherapy sessions. I was astounded by how fast I saw results. Convincing the subconscious to change those belief systems, that I was safe to break those patterns. ..But sadly, the results did not last! We hadn’t got to the root of the issue and before too long the results faded away. We had tricked my subconscious into thinking it was okay when the root issue still remained. Something triggered me to not feel safe, and the old habits came flooding back. I see now that hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to work with acute issues and is wonderful for short term needs like gaining confidence in preparation for birth or other events but sadly has its limitations in permanence– unless it is taking you back to the beginning of the issue- as some practitioners do–

But BodyTalk can get to the beginning.

Our body talks to tell you there is an issue to address, let’s listen to the subtle cues now, so they don’t manifest as bigger, painful or life-threatening symptoms down the road. The big systems can be resolved, but it will take work to peel away all the layers that created it.

BodyTalk can be a quick fix, some issues can be resolved in a single session but in many cases you need to dig through layers of limiting beliefs to change the habits, they way you’ve closed yourselves off to the world to finally speak your mind.. As our earlier example needed.

What is your body trying to tell you?

If you need help translating find a BodyTalk practitioner, we are here to help. That’s what we do. We translate the symptoms so they can be resolved. Permanently. 

Want to know more? Listen to this radio interview I did:

Pain-ted Lightbulbs, w/ Joanne Fisher




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