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Sleep Support Success

My name is Milani Lau. My husband and I are first time parents to our sweet boy James. As first time parents, we had been receiving more advice, books, opinions and tips than we could ever use, especially because they often seemed to contradict each other. We had been trying to find a more natural way to help our little one sleep better, because as my mom said “ he should be sleeping through the night. “You all slept through the night by 4 months.” We didn’t like the idea of letting him cry it out, and even as we expressed these feelings and tried to defend it to our advice givers, we struggled to find evidence to support how we felt in our hearts. It broke my heart the one or two times I tried some cry it out methods. When we were offered the chance to work with Joanne we were a little unsure at first. James had been sleeping okay, with up to 3 hour spurts of rest, and a fairly predictable schedule, but we were still so exhausted and accepted the offer for help. I am so glad we did. Joanne does a great job at providing scientific evidence, explaining how various factors affect baby and his sleep patterns, and also in listening to our needs to meet us where we are at. She provided so much valuable information that helped us understand our baby- and to better support him and his needs and offered great suggestions on helping support his sleep, so we could get a little more rest. I feel more confident as his mother in helping him sleep. I understand better what his needs are and how I can better take care of myself and him. Changing my mindset and expectations have helped me undo a couple generations worth of false ideas that babies need to sleep through the night by a certain point. I don’t need to let them cry it out, and no, I can’t spoil my child by supporting and helping him sleep better. He still doesn’t sleep through the night, and now I know I shouldn’t expect him to (but if he ever does at this young age, then great!).
What I have gained, has been far greater than sleeping through the entire night. On top of changing expectations and becoming more educated, Joanne also gave great resources for helping baby have better (and sometimes more) sleep and also for us too! I would recommend Joanne because not only does she have practical explanations, but she also isn’t pushy or shaming. In fact, when we expressed what we were comfortable with trying, she met us where we were at! During her class, I learned so much, and finally saw a combination of all the things I had been hearing and how they all played out together. There was so much great information and it was wonderful to learn and become educated on baby sleep. In our consultations, she focused on helping us change ourselves so we could help our baby, and then had additional outside things that could help such as changing the environment, or elements of our sleep routine. I think it’s a great inside out approach! Thank you so much Joanne for your help!

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