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The All-In Prenatal Support Package


The ultimate support experience for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. One-on-one support, education, empowerment and healing. I come to you for your on-call month and am available to help you and baby feel absolutely ready and excited for birth. Even if it’s nesting, cleaning, or food prep you need. I am with you throughout labour and birth. Post birth, I am there to do what is required so that you and baby have uninterrupted bonding and attunement.  Includes everything in the complete prenatal package with twice the number of sessions, my travel to you to be your personal pregnancy/birth assistant and so much more.

You will never feel alone or unsupported with this package. I am your personal pregnancy guide and companion. There to listen, support and help you make informed decisions the whole way through. With 90 minute bi-weekly BodyTalk/Support sessions, we will unravel all your fears, limiting beliefs and worries. Heal any physical symptoms or pain. We will connect with  baby and help them be heard, seen and valued, known and supported by you. 6 Family or partner sessions to help ensure everyone is ready for the new arrival and the relationships are strong. I help you navigate pregnancy, plan for birth and postpartum. I arrive at your location for your on-call window and am available to you every day (up to 3 hours) to help you with anything you need to be ready. More BodyTalk and practices to ensure proper fetal position and body alignment or maybe what you need help to nest, be it cleaning, or food prep. Or just someone to listen to and empower you. I will be there for you. Throughout labour and birth, you will have trusted, knowledgeable support. I will help to protect your postpartum period of crucial bonding and attunement to each other. I will help you speak your baby’s language and make parenting- even at night- a blessing -not a chore. I will be there for you. Includes all the complete package offerings: the personalized self-care program, Infant Sleep Class, Birth preparation class, Birth Performance session, Weekly group support calls, What’sApp message thread, Resource library, 50% off any additional sessions and of course the No Induction and No colic guarantees. Everything you need and more to have the most rewarding (and easiest!)  pregnancy, birth and transition into parenthood.

Virtual option also available


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