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What is Prenatal Care?

It is *Feeling* cared for!

At all stages of life but especially during pregnancy we require supportive care. The evidence is clear, reducing stress improves fetal and infant development. Connection and care allow their developing brains, bodies and nervous systems to be bathed in love and support wiring in a healthy foundation for long-term physical, mental and emotional health.

When we care for pregnant and postpartum women we support healthy development.

Contrary to popular belief, the advances in pregnancy and birth outcomes do not result from medical interventions. Instead, they stem from improved living standards and better nutrition. While we have access to sanitation and nutrient-rich foods, our modern lifestyle—marked by stress and disconnection—poses challenges to maternal and child well-being.

It’s time to return to the fundamental principles of prenatal care, addressing physical, mental, and emotional needs.

One of my favourite teachers Whapio, The Matrona attributes her 40 years of positive outcomes in her midwifery practice to having “TEA” with her expectant families. I follow her approach, all women need is our time, energy and attention.

T = time, having time to listen to their concerns, desires, and fears. In our culture, We have traded compassion, touch, and conversation, for 5-10 minute appointments, and a 20-minute ultrasound which at best provides external assurance and security that everything is okay or at its worst false information and even more stress and fear. The term “prenatal care” in western culture has become not caring at all! Just tests and evaluations. What pregnant women really need is time to connect with their inner wisdom and intuition. I constantly see how having time to connect with baby, to feel the communication from one’s body and baby makes all the difference. As a prenatal practitioner, I prioritize time—90-minute appointments, personalized classes, and ongoing support. Prenatal BodyTalk complements conventional obstetrics by emphasizing genuine connection.

E = Energy. Whapio invests in her clients and that energy translates into great birth outcomes. I take E to also include :

Engagement: engaging with meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and emotional support. Encouraging her to be an active participant and in charge of her transformation through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Empathy: understanding, compassion, and sensitivity toward the families needs. Connect on a deeper level and providing personalized care.

Education: Providing information and knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Empowers families to make informed decisions and take charge of their experience.

Encouragement: positive reinforcement, encouragement, and motivation. Prenatal care should inspire confidence and celebrate the journey of motherhood.

A = Attention. As humans we seek to be seen, loved and validated. Our undivided attention is the greatest gift we can give another person. True care is to be fully present and to hold space for whatever the pregnant woman needs no matter how trival it may seem.

Prenatal care can look so many ways and will be different for every pregnant woman. Connecting with intuition becomes an essential tool for nurturing the whole self. Proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments. Having a web of emotional support in a supportive community, Meditation, journaling, and visualization help women stay present and reduce stress.

What does/did prenatal care look like for you?

 If you’d like to share a cup of “TEA,” I’m here to listen and support you on this transformative journey. 

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