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The Stories of the Cervix

January is Cervical health month.
Let’s look at one of the most magical parts of a woman’s body – The Cervix. The cervix is a crucial anatomical structure that plays several important roles in the female body. It is the lower, narrow part of the uterus that connects the uterus to the vagina. The cervix serves various functions related to fertility, menstruation, and childbirth. The Cervix can get inflamed, infected, have growth of polyps or cancer cells or it can erode or have stenosis- where it narrows impairing menstruation and fertility. It can be deemed incompetent and fail to hold a pregnancy in. 

These symptoms are communication.
Communication of what though?

When we look at the roles the cervix plays it gives us an idea of its consciousness – What it communicates if there are symptoms there.
 Disclaimer – I’m writing these from ChatGPTs info on the roles the cervix plays and my own interpretation and insight into these roles – Our BodyTalk resources have no specific consciousness data for the cervix to regurgitate to you.

So here is MY take on the consciousness of the Cervix:

* One of its main roles is being a passage way- for blood, babies to come out and sperm to go in.   A passage creates connection between 2 areas so it can relate to connection, accessibility and can relate to issues in being open and accessible to others or even being closed off to yourself.  Too rigid or non-existent BOUNDARIES!! 

*It is a barrier, protecting the uterus from outside elements and potential infections. Issues can relate to issues around protection and feelings of safety. If it becomes ‘incompetent’ it could relate to fears of not being able to protect your baby or that you are in some way not capable to support the baby all which will have a deeper story to it to unearth. 

*The cervix helps regulate the flow of menstrual blood by partially blocking the cervical canal during non-fertile periods and opening it during menstruation. So it could relate it issues around self regulation, knowing when to be open and when to put up your guard. *The cervix produces cervical mucus, which changes in consistency and volume throughout the menstrual cycle. This mucus plays a crucial role in fertility by facilitating or inhibiting sperm transport. Relating in the ability to receive, to create or to be closed off to new opportunities or ideas.   

 * In birth, the cervix undergoes dilation (opening) and effacement (thinning) to allow the passage of the baby through the birth canal. Failure to adequately go through these changes can be communication of all the things above but most likely issues with feeling safe. Fears of vulnerability, being exposed.  Shame around your body & sex. Fear of making noise, pooping or otherwise being inappropriate. 

All these concepts are things that can be worked through once you are conscious of them. We can get curious and ask, what is my cervix trying to tell me?
We can feel into these different concepts and see if the body responds. 

I rarely have an PMS symptoms but if I do get cramps I pause and ask my body, Uterus, What are you trying telling me? Uterus is about feeling under nurtured, unsupported, jealous, unacceptable and it’s pretty well always my body telling me I need to be more nurturing to myself. Once I hear its plea for better self-compassion it quiets right down again. 

Thank you cervix for all you do. You are a truly magnificent structure we forget to even consider.
 If you want to know more about what your body is trying to tell you check out a web app that tells you what all your parts have to say. I use it daily. It is awesome. It was made by Amanda Miller a BodyTalk Instructor.  There is a free trial option if you want to check it out. 
Happy Cervix Month!

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